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MedLink Health Solutions was founded on seeking to bridge the gap between patient and doctor by listening to our patients and creating better healing outcomes. It’s much too common these days for patients to leave an appointment frustrated, rushed, and feeling unheard. At our clinic, we put compassion and our patients first to guide you to a pain-free life, naturally. Our patients are our family, and we love seeing our patients get their life back with their personalized treatment plans.

Who is MedLink Health Solutions? 

I founded MedLink with my co-founder, Ryan Welch in 2019. We met in Payson, after I had moved there to work in a clinic that offered chiropractic and naturopathic services. That’s also where I met Ryan’s wife Panda, who became my medical assistant. We worked together seamlessly, and our values aligned, and we helped each other’s weaknesses with our respective strengths. Ryan and Panda’s background in hospitality sparked the idea that healthcare should not be without heart or compassion–and MedLink was born.

I was called to heal others by God, and I am humbled that I’m able to help change my patient’s lives. I open my ears and heart to every patient, noting every symptom and concern to help transform their ailments so they can return to a healthy, fulfilling life without pain and without surgery.

Whether you are new to naturopathic medicine or are already familiar with the healing power of nature, I will personally answer each of your questions in our extensive consultations and treatment sessions. We offer a doctor and patient experience like you’ve never had before by bringing compassion to medicine. By centering our practice around you, we work together to get to the root of your issues and create a treatment plan catered to your needs. And since we are not bound by insurance, we have the freedom to treat you without your insurance company denying it. Treatments are not one-size-fits-all, and we will continue treating you until we find a solution.

I achieve my results by listening to my patients. You probably already know what’s wrong, but don’t know how to treat it. Naturopathic medicine helps our bodies heal themselves and can reverse pain instead of masking it, like with traditional Western medicine. Our goal is to not only heal you, but to do so without prescription drugs or invasive, life-altering surgery.

What kind of treatment does MedLink Health Solutions offer? 

At our clinic, we offer several treatments for pain from ligament tears, tendonitis, sprains, plantar fasciitis, chronic joint pain, sports injuries, and more. Preventative care is also provided to achieve whole-body wellness with supplements, routine blood work, preventative IV’s, and injections. Additionally, we offer education and guidance on nutrition and supplements to fill any gaps that we have identified. And if you are unable to physically come into our office, telemedicine is available at your convenience.

Naturopathic medicine 

At MedLink, no one tells us what to do but you. Our concierge services are built around your fast-paced life and provide an in-depth analysis of your diet and lifestyle habits as well as comprehensive blood work. The blood work can detect deeper health issues such as food sensitivities and identify early health warnings that a disease may be coming. With our individualized treatment plans, we can prevent a disease before it has a chance to develop. Natural medicine focuses on the individual as whole in order to treat your ailments so you can return to an active and pain-free life.

Regenerative therapy

Our bodies are built intelligently and have the incredible ability to heal themselves. Sometimes, however, our bodies need extra nutrients to nudge it towards healing. Regenerative joint therapy (or regenerative medicine) assists the body in repairing itself while simultaneously relieving your pain at the source. Our clinic uses only the highest quality FDA-compliant products to create your customized treatment plan catered to your lifestyle and diagnosis.

As we age or experience disease and injury, our soft tissues become damaged. Regenerative therapy not only treats pain, but also prevents future injuries by keeping the joints healthy. We use advanced ultrasound technology to diagnose injuries and to ensure that we’re injecting into the precise area. Unlike an x-ray or MRI that simply shows a still image, ultrasounds allow us to see the full picture in real time as you move, revealing the exact source of pain. Utilizing this technology allows us to treat you more effectively and personalize your plan.

Ozone therapy

With the healing power of oxygen, ozone therapy has helped countless individuals suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. One of our founding principles is that our patients feel heard and understood rather than shoved out the door. You know your body well, and we provide the expertise and tools to guide it towards healing.

Ozone therapy has a multitude of benefits including pain relief, reducing inflammation, increasing immune function, and more. Many of our patients that come into MedLink with chronic joint pain, arthritis pain, allergies and other ailments find great results with ozone therapy. We administer it in our office via injections, intravenously (IV), and can assist you in obtaining the equipment for treatment in the comfort of your home.

We’ve developed the blueprint for returning to a pain-free and disease-free life. Our regenerative medicine protocol includes post-care therapy where you will meet with me for additional treatments such as ozone therapy after your regenerative joint injections have been completed. For a more comprehensive look into our therapies, stay tuned for our next blog.

A team that puts you first

MedLink Health Solutions is driven by passion and purpose, with our patients at the forefront of our practice. We love making you feel like home, where you know you’re well taken care of, and you look forward to your treatment. We’ve created a community of holistic health after divine intervention brought my future team and I together. By listening with compassion, we teach you how to listen to your body and guide you every step of the way.

My co-founder Ryan and I first crossed paths when I moved to Payson for my first job out of medical school. He was managing a chiropractic and naturopathic clinic, and I immediately knew that his business knowledge balanced my passion for natural medicine. His wife and my medical assistant Panda is sunshine in a bottle. She is my right hand in action, helping patients with a kindness that immediately brings them a warmth that only she is capable of. Together we’ve created a team and family that expands with every new face that walks into our office.

Where hospitality meets healthcare 

As your Ahwatukee natural pain-relief specialist, we strive to bring compassion back into medicine. We bridge the gap that has lodged doctors and patients apart, instead welcoming you to voice your concerns, triumphs, and struggles so we can tailor your treatment plan for you. Your goals are our goals, and we will continue to work with you until we find a solution so you can start living pain-free, naturally.


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