Experience Natural Pain Relief with Regenerative Medicine for Knee Pain

A life without pain shouldn’t feel unrealistic. Your nagging knee injury has caused you enough trouble as it is, and you deserve to increase the quality of your life. You’ve tried everything from cortisone shots, physical therapy, over-the-counter medication and painkillers and still no relief. Joint replacement surgery is looking like your only option but you’re hesitant. Surgery is expensive, invasive, and has a long recovery process. And there’s a chance it won’t even work! What if there was an alternative, natural solution for your chronic knee pain that is safe and effective? 

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a branch of natural medicine that combines modern scientific advancements with the healing power of nature. Your body has the ability to heal itself and goes to work at the first sign of injury. This incredible ability has kept us alive since our creation, but it sometimes isn’t enough. Even a healthy individual can experience long term and chronic pain from an old injury. Regenerative medicine utilizes natural growth factors and proteins to give your body the natural boost that it needs. It’s used to repair soft tissues that have become damaged, whether it’s from an injury, disease, or growing older. 

Treatment for a wide array of conditions

Nature meets science with regenerative medicine. Our clinic uses the highest quality products and educates you at every step so you know exactly what’s going on and how it’s helping you. Instead of pressuring you to opt for joint replacement surgery or for another treatment that’s littered with confusing medical terms, we take the time to explain your treatment plan, therapies used, and serve as your guide on your journey to better health. At MedLink Health Solutions we seek the root cause of your issues and heal you from the inside out and as a whole person, rather than treating your symptoms and ignoring underlying issues. 

Regenerative medicine can treat several conditions such as: 

  • Ligament tears
  • Chronic joint pain 
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sports injuries, and more


What are regenerative therapies?

Regenerative medicine is a great option for knee pain. Traditional Western medicine often ignores a vital step in treating you by rushing to prescribe you more pain medication. Your treatment plan is individual, meaning that it’s not the same as another patient’s. We open our ears and our hearts when you visit our office and ensure that you’re properly diagnosed and treated. A proper diagnosis is key to creating a treatment plan that is in alignment with your goals, current health state, and more. 

Regenerative therapies introduce vital nutrients into your body to accelerate the healing process. The added nutrients restore structure and function to the damaged soft tissues while reducing pain and inflammation. And if you’re not injured and want to maintain healthy joints, it’s a great idea to schedule a checkup for routine therapies and bloodwork. Preventative treatments will keep your body healthy and will help in spotting potential issues. At MedLink Health Solutions, we specialize in regenerative joint therapy injections including ozone therapy, PRP, and more. 


Simply put, orthobiologics refers to joints (“ortho”) and biology, or biologics (the human body). This powerful segment of medicine falls under the regenerative medicine umbrella but focuses exclusively on healing and repairing joints. Orthobiologics are commonly used to repair damaged soft tissues, and are an important piece to your treatment plan.

Ultrasound diagnostics for pain management

Although commonly used during prenatal appointments, ultrasound is a powerful tool for diagnosing injuries. 

After you’ve undergone your extensive initial evaluation, our team prepares you for your ultrasound. At MedLink we include a complimentary scan of shoulders, knees or elbows during your comprehensive new patient visit. Traditional doctor’s offices tend to rely on x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs for diagnosing injuries but ultrasound is the superior choice because it shows your injury and movements in real time. With a still image like an x-ray, there’s some guesswork involved. But with ultrasound we can see a live depiction of your injury and the exact source of pain including the movements causing you discomfort. This step is essential for creating your personalized treatment plan and along with your evaluation serves as the basis of your plan. 

For more information on the power of ultrasound diagnostics, check out our previous blog.

Regenerative joint therapy injections

Once you have been properly diagnosed, we start treatment with regenerative joint therapy injections. These injections safely heal your injuries by accelerating healing and rebuilding tissues over time. It’s a safe and less invasive treatment than surgery because it uses natural solutions and provides long-lasting relief without the harmful side effects. At MedLink we utilize ultrasound not only to diagnose injuries but also to guide injections to the areas in need. 

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP (or platelet rich plasma) is great for knee, joint, and tendon pain. During this procedure your physician draws a small sample of your blood, isolates the platelets, and reintroduces it back into your body as plasma into the painful joint. The isolated platelets secrete growth factors that spark your damaged tissues to regenerate and boosts cell division, providing an accelerated healing process. Like regenerative joint injections, it has been shown to decrease pain and prevent diseases from forming. And because your own blood is used, there is little to no risk that your body will reject it.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy utilizes the healing power of oxygen. This treatment has been booming in popularity for its pain and inflammation relieving abilities but also for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Our clinic only uses medical-grade oxygen and we administer it intravenously (through an IV) or via injection therapies. It has been used to successfully treat several serious conditions including heart disease and cancer. Ozone therapy pairs well with other regenerative therapies to help heal you from the inside out. 

The natural alternative to knee replacement surgery

Our ethos revolves around giving quality care to all of our patients. We want you to feel seen and understood. Your journey with MedLink Health Solutions starts with a comprehensive initial evaluation that lasts about an hour. No two individuals have the same genetics, lifestyle habits, or goals which is why your initial appointment is crucial in creating your treatment plan. 

Guiding you on the path to natural pain relief

At MedLink, we bring hospitality to healthcare. Our team utilizes our unique blend of advanced medical knowledge with the compassion we have for each of our patients. Your goals are our goals, and the journey to health is much more difficult alone. With the MedLink team by your side, we strive to serve you as compassionate health advocates.

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