How Can Natural Medicine Help Chronic Pain?

If you suffer from chronic pain, then you know how debilitating it is. Whether it’s arthritis, an old knee injury, or migraines, pain has a way of ruining even the best days. And if you take pain medication, then you’re also familiar with the side effects: nausea, stomach cramping, a high tolerance, and damage to your organs. But what if you could bypass these side effects and relieve your pain? Natural medicine is the solution you’re looking for.

Treating you with natural medicine

The crux of natural medicine, or naturopathy, is you. As the patient, you are integral in helping us create the best treatment plan for you. By evaluating your emotional wellbeing, blood work, health history, and diet and lifestyle habits, we’re able to paint a clear picture of who you are today and who you can become with the help of natural medicine. 

Nature meets science

Unlike Western medicine that often masks symptoms with prescription drugs or only treats the disease after it’s caused you harm, natural medicine gets to the fundamental cause. At MedLink Health Solutions, you’re not a number to us. You become a part of the MedLink family, where we utilize the healing power of nature to help you achieve your goals so you can return to a life free of disease and pain. 

Our therapeutic relationship with you begins with an in-depth consultation. We open our hearts and ears so we can understand your issues, determine your goals, and provide you with a proper, personalized treatment plan. Our clinic is equipped with the highest quality, FDA-approved equipment and a team of professionals that truly care about your wellbeing. By bringing hospitality to healthcare, you’ll always be welcomed with open arms. Our natural treatments are designed to soothe your chronic pain and keep your body healthy with continuous therapy and quality supplements.

Regenerative therapy for joint pain relief

Did you know that it’s possible to stop an injury from progressing? Regenerative medicine is an innovative treatment for acute and chronic joint pain. When we’re injured, our bodies begin the healing process. Regenerative medicine stimulates the damaged cells and tissues with nutrients to assist your body so it can heal faster. This decreases pain and inflammation, and promotes better joint functionality. Naturopathic medicine seeks to heal the root causes of an illness, making for better regenerative and natural outcomes. 

Regenerative joint pain solutions

Our bodies begin to heal as soon as we’re injured. When that isn’t enough (or for an added boost), we use a product called Amnio (Amniotic Liquid Allograft) to advance the soft tissue repair. Because it contains a highly concentrated dose of growth factors and cytokines, it greatly reduces inflammation, reduces pain, and promotes better joint functionality. And when it’s paired with ozone therapy, the results are phenomenal. For more information about ozone therapy and the healing power of oxygen, click here to check out our ozone therapy page.

Another treatment we utilize is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. It’s another  minimally invasive process that safely heals chronic and acute joint pain and other damaged soft tissues. By extracting, concentrating, and reintroducing a small amount of your blood as plasma into the injured area, the healing process is expedited. Another great benefit of PRP is that because your own blood is being used, there’s virtually no risk of infection or rejection. PRP is another great tool for reducing inflammation, repairing your ligaments, tendons, and other injuries. 

Stopping pain at its source

Fun fact: ultrasounds aren’t just for seeing your tiny loved ones. Ultrasounds have the capability to see movements in your body in real time, proving to be a powerful and priceless tool in detecting the source of your pain. With advanced ultrasound technology, we can see exactly which movements are painful and where your pain is located. This makes the joint injections much more effective because the guesswork is taken out so you can be on your way to a pain-free life without the need for surgery. 

How lifestyle can affect your health

Your body is an ecosystem. What affects one aspect of your body will affect another, rippling from sickness into acute or chronic health problems. Without balance, your body will never perform at its best. Food is medicine, and a proper diet will make a substantial difference in not only how your body performs, but how you feel. A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your health and is the leading factor in chronic conditions such as obesity, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, lower back pain, and more. 

It’s incredibly easy to slip into a sedentary lifestyle. With remote work and office jobs being the norm, we get used to sitting for hours at a time. Even active individuals with a desk job can be affected by a mostly sedentary lifestyle. It’s important to stand up several times throughout the day, take a break from the computer, and enjoy some fresh air. Remember, motion is lotion!

More than genetics

As a society, we’re quick to jump to the bottle of aspirin or to not take into consideration the lifestyle factors that could be contributing to pain. Is your back hurting on the drive home, or at the end of the day from leaning over your desk? Do your lunches consist of healthy, balanced meals or do you frequently find yourself in the drive through or microwaving convenience foods? 

It’s hard to make the time to prepare meals days in advance. We all grew up differently with distinct pallets, customs, and cultures that are central to who we are. Our genetics play a key role in our body diversity and our relationship with food. What works for one individual may not work for you, which is why we meticulously customize your plan for your unique needs. 

Diet and supplements for optimal health

Although a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are great to combat and prevent chronic conditions, it sometimes isn’t enough. Historically, humans grew and ate crops seasonally. Seasonal fruits and vegetables were only available during that season, such as beets for fall or berries for summer. Due to rising global populations and food shortages during World War II, there has been an increased demand for more crops which has led to overproduction of fruits and vegetables that are significantly less nutritious than they used to be.

Thankfully, we are able to fill in the gaps in nutrition with supplements. By knowing your full health history including genetics, diet, and lifestyle habits, we know exactly which supplements to prescribe you. We only utilize supplements with quality ingredients and with individual dosing per your personal recommendation so you are only taking what you need. And with our online supplement store Fullscript, you don’t have to worry about coming into our office–everything is delivered to your door. 

MedLink’s holistic, patient-centered approach

At MedLink Health Solutions, no one tells us what to do but you. By centering you and your goals, we strive to not only heal you but prevent other conditions from developing and empowering patients with knowledge. What our bodies can do is amazing, but sometimes we need additional help. We serve as your guides in the life-altering process of optimal health. 

We invite you to see for yourself why our patients love us and look forward to their treatment. With MedLink Health Solutions by your side, you will transform your achy joints and chronic pain and go back to living an active and healthy life with your loved ones.


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