Lifestyle Changes for Chronic Pain Relief

What is chronic pain?

Pain is defined as the physical suffering from illness or injury. There are several different types of pain and it’s possible to have multiple types such as acute (or sudden) nerve pain. Acute pain is often from an injury and can turn into a chronic condition if not properly treated. 

Pain becomes chronic when it’s persistent. It’s normal for an ankle to throb for a few days after spraining it, but it’s not normal for it to last longer than a few weeks. If your pain has interrupted your life for longer than twelve weeks, it’s time to make an appointment with MedLink Health Solutions. 

The sitting disease  

Chronic pain is partially attributed to a sedentary and inactive lifestyle. Humans aren’t meant to sit around for eight hours a day, only to drive home and continue to sit. But after a long day at work, a long commute, and dinner, it’s difficult to gather the energy to get the body moving. 

Research has continued to show that sitting for extended periods of time causes a number of health conditions, including: 
  • High blood sugar
  • Excess body fat, especially by the waist 
  • High cholesterol 
  • Increased risk of death, and more 


The average American is sedentary for 21 hours of the day–that’s over 90% of it!  It’s clear that our bodies need movement. Motion is lotion, and it’s crucial to lubricate your joints and keep them active.


How can regenerative medicine help chronic pain?

Nature meets science with regenerative medicine. When you’re hurt, your body naturally starts to repair itself. Your cells are hard at work to repair the damage and function back to normal. This process can be accelerated with regenerative medicine: by giving you additional nutrients and providing pain relief at the source, you will feel and see results much faster than without treatment or with Western medicine. 

Natural joint pain solutions 

At MedLink Health Solutions, we utilize regenerative solutions including ozone therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), and amniotic liquid allograft. These powerful solutions work with the natural healing elements of your body by giving it an added boost. 

For damaged tissues, regenerative joint therapy is a great option. Tissues damage over time and become inflamed with injury and disease. When nutrients are introduced to the body in an area that is lacking, the cells and tissues are stimulated. This begins the restoration and healing process while simultaneously reducing pain and inflammation. It’s a minimally invasive process that doesn’t require anesthesia, and we hit our mark every single time with the use of ultrasound guidance.

Customized treatment plans 

You may be curious as to how ultrasounds play a role in our treatment process. The ultrasound technology is vital because it shows us not only where your pain is located in your body, but which movements give you pain. An x-ray or MRI shows a still image that requires a little bit of guesswork, but an ultrasound is a live showing of you, your pain, and your limited range of motion. Ultrasound provides us with further insight into your injury, such as seeing tears and inflammation. 

Before we do this however, you go through a comprehensive intake to ensure you are a candidate for regenerative medicine. Unlike a typical doctor’s visit that is rushed and leaves you with more questions than answers, we take the time to actively listen to you and dive into your history and answer all of your questions. Your concerns are our concerns, and we create a treatment plan that is unique to your symptoms, health history, diet, lifestyle, and goals. We treat you as an individual, opening an empathetic ear for all of your needs. 

Once we have created your unique treatment plan, we take the time to explain every step of the process to you. We are happy to be your guide in this naturopathic journey, and are here for you from your first appointment, to post-care therapy, and beyond. 

Lifestyle changes for chronic pain relief

Chronic pain and lifestyle are connected. Once your body is in a constant state of inflammation, your quality of life decreases. Chronic pain creeps into your body slowly, starting as a nagging twinge that can develop into a chronic condition that requires an extensive treatment plan. Habits like slouching, reaching for the convenience foods, and consuming too much alcohol are detrimental in the long run for your health. Replacing bad habits with new, healthier ones is difficult. It takes patience and practice, but the MedLink team is by your side to guide and encourage you. 

Lifestyle changes you can work on for natural chronic pain relief include: 
  • Exercise 
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Stress management 
  • Healthier food choices 
  • Limiting alcohol consumption 
  • Drinking more water 


Natural solutions to chronic pain 

During your initial appointment at MedLink we are doing much more than evaluating your physical symptoms. With a deep dive of your entire health history, symptoms, blood work, and talking to you about your daily diet and lifestyle habits we can further evaluate potential areas that can be improved. 

Food is medicine, and is incredibly healing. A diet rich in nutrient-dense foods does wonders to your energy levels and health compared to a fast food diet. No two bodies are created the same, which is why your treatment plan is tailored according to your symptoms and individual needs. And for gaps in nutrition, we offer high-quality supplements to optimize your health. 

At MedLink Health Solutions, no one tells us what to do but you. Lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes can be prevented with natural medicine. We guide you towards true understanding with naturopathic tools to help you achieve your goals so you can go back to enjoying your life. 

A naturopathic, holistic approach

We open our hearts and ears to find a solution that fits you and your lifestyle. Your goals are our goals, and we create a treatment plan that’s right for you, taking out the guesswork. You deserve to return to an active and pain-free life, and that can be done naturally. See for yourself why MedLink patients love coming to their appointments. Your body will thank you in health. 


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