Do You Have Osteoarthritis?

Why do our joints start to hurt as we age? Are we all doomed to this fate? Is there something we can do to slow this process? These are some of the questions we will be answering in this month’s blog post.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis affecting over 32.5 million US adults. Some people call it degenerative joint disease or “wear and tear” arthritis. It occurs most frequently in the hands, hips, and knees. Osteoarthritis (OA) occur when the cartilage within a joint begins to break down and the underlying bone begins to change. These changes usually develop slowly and get worse over time. OA can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling. In some cases it also causes reduced function and disability. Risk factors for OA include joint injury or overuse, increased age, female gender, and obesity. Evidence suggests that women’s susceptibility to OA significantly increases after menopause with changes in hormone levels.

How can we prevent OA from occurring in the first place? For people who are overweight or obese, losing weight reduces pressure on the joints, particularly weight bearing joints like the hips and knees. Protecting the joints can be imperative such as choosing activities that are easy on the joints such as walking, bicycling, and swimming.

I already have OA, what can I do? Anti-inflammatory supplementation such as curcumin may help alleviate OA inflammation and pain. Additionally, an anti-inflammatory diet can be supportive overall, this includes eliminating processed food and added sugar and increasing whole foods in the diet. CBD cream can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with OA. CBD products are not well regulated, so be discerning while shopping- look for products that are clearly labeled and undergo third-party testing.  Hydrotherapy, the use of hot and cold water, can also be beneficial specifically for the hand joints. Heat can help calm pain and stiffness by relaxing soft tissue, increasing circulation, and stimulating the production for joint fluid. Cold can ease inflammation and swelling. Medlink has many regenerative treatments for OA that can help re-grow damaged cartilage, truly getting to the root cause of OA. Contact us for information and let us help you get out of pain!


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