The Natural Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

Day after day, you’re plagued with a nagging pain in your knee. It’s stiff in the mornings and throbs as the day wears on making relaxing impossible. Whether it’s from an injury, arthritis, or something else, acute and chronic knee pain is debilitating. And even worse, the aspirin and other pain relieving medication doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Luckily, there’s a natural alternative for knee replacement surgery. 

What causes knee pain?

The knee is a complex joint that suffers wear and tear daily. It’s the meeting point of the femur, tibia, and patella, housing multiple and important muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons such as the lateral and medial meniscus, the medial collateral ligament (MCL), the lateral collateral ligament (LCL), the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Any athlete will tell you that a knee injury is almost always career ending. And for the average individual, living with longtime knee pain not only slows you down but can shave years off of your life. 

Inflammation and injury 

Knee pain is often the result of an injury. Falls, car accidents, and sports injuries are frequent offenders to this type of pain. When you’re injured, your body becomes inflamed to try to repair itself and is actually a sign that your body knows what it’s doing. ACL injuries are common in athletes who play soccer and basketball but the menisci and tendons can also become damaged. 

If you have an old injury or knee pain, you’re well aware of the symptoms: hot skin, inflammation, weakness and pain when walking, and popping noises at the time of injury. These injuries are painful but they can be treated naturally with regenerative medicine. 

How can regenerative medicine naturally treat knee pain?

Regenerative medicine is a beautiful branch of natural medicine. By combining the healing power of nature with modern scientific advancements, regenerative medicine does not only treat your symptoms but it also heals them. In addition to treating current symptoms, it’s great preventative medicine in stopping minor injuries from progressing into long term issues. For more information about regenerative medicine, click here to check out our previous blog.

The natural alternative to knee replacement surgery

At MedLink Health Solutions, we use regenerative medicine to provide customized treatment according to your needs. This starts with a comprehensive overview during your initial appointment. Here, we evaluate you from the inside out to obtain a deep understanding of your health history, mental state, lifestyle habits, and symptoms. 

We take the time to answer all of your questions so feel seen and understood. Instead of taking an x-ray or MRI, we actually use advanced ultrasound technology to see your exact source of pain. Most imaging tools can only see a still picture, but ultrasound allows us to see a 360° view of your joint so we know exactly what movements hurt and where the pain is–leaving out the guesswork. 

Once we have your diagnosis, your physician will create a customized treatment plan according to your evaluation. We do not believe in cookie-cutter treatment because we are not a cookie-cutter office. We value each of our patients and welcome you with an open heart on your path to natural healing. 

During your treatment you will receive injections with orthobiologics which are regenerative medicine products formulated to advance soft tissue repair, allowing you to heal faster. It decreases inflammation and pain and allows your joints to perform better. 

PRP on the other hand utilizes a small amount of your blood. By extracting a tiny amount and reintroducing it into your body as plasma we can expedite the healing process. And by using your own blood there is very little risk of infection or rejection. PRP is great for repairing ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other joint issues. 

Both treatments pair extremely well with ozone therapy to provide ultimate pain relief and healing. Ozone therapy utilizes the healing power of oxygen to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and it even boosts your immune system. We administer ozone injections as well as ozone IV therapy at our clinic and we provide the equipment if home therapies are recommended. For more information about ozone therapy, check out our ozone therapy page.

Traditional Western medicine’s dangerous treatments

If you’re a longtime sufferer of chronic pain, you know that most doctors will prescribe you heavy medication and recommend surgery. But these surgeries are costly and the recovery process is grueling on your body. 

Painkillers block nerve signals to your brain. This means that although you may not feel any pain…the pain and injury are still there. Instead of treating your symptoms these medications simply mask them and your body builds a dependence to them. Your body will begin to crave the drugs which can lead to drug abuse. In addition to potential addiction, painkillers can damage your heart, liver, and stomach, leaving you with even more issues than you started with. 

Knee replacement surgery also comes with many risks, such as:

  • Further inflammation 
  • Knee clicking 
  • Implants wearing out, requiring another surgery 
  • Infection 
  • Blood clots, and more 


Wouldn’t you rather opt for a natural alternative to knee replacement surgery? 

Regenerative medicine: the future of joint repair

If you’ve been told that knee replacement surgery is your best option, you still have a right to try alternative treatment. Stiff joints make your day almost impossible because you rely on them so much. You do not need to suffer any longer with the proper treatment plan created by the MedLink team. With regenerative medicine, your body will begin to heal itself so you can return to living your life pain-free, naturally. 

Powerful tools for your joint recovery 

Advanced ultrasound technology, orthobiologics, and ozone therapy are just a few of the tools that we use to guide you on the path to healing. Your treatment plan also includes supplements to fill any gaps in nutrition you may have. Your nutrition is a large fraction of your health and should not be neglected. Unlike a traditional doctor’s office we care about your overall health and answer each of your questions. 

Relieve your knee pain naturally with MedLink Health Solutions

We pride ourselves on our compassion and the fact that so many of our patients tell us that they love coming in for treatment. By treating you with an open ear and open heart you become a part of our family as we see your growth and progress firsthand. You are already in pain and deserve to return to a happy, pain-free life that doesn’t involve knee replacement surgery. Click here to Contact us today to schedule your appointment.



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