The Ultimate Natural Remedy for Pain

Pain can be crippling. What started out as a tingling or nagging sensation can ripple into huge waves of pain that constantly disrupt your day. It’s easy to reach for the painkillers but that only leads to more frustration–they used to help, but now the relief doesn’t last and you’re left with uncomfortable side effects. What if there was an alternative and natural remedy for aches and pain? 

What causes pain?

Your body is intelligent. When you’re hurt, your nervous system signals the brain that something is wrong. This triggers a defense mechanism in the form of chemicals that cause inflammation. In other words, inflammation is a sign that your body is hurt and is trying to heal itself. 

Acute and chronic pain

Pain can occur acutely–or suddenly such as in an injury–or from chronic conditions. While acute pain is short in duration, chronic pain can last for years. If you’ve sprained your ankle or have achy knees you know exactly what this feels like. 

Debilitating pain is often from a chronic condition. This type of pain is exhausting to live with because it disrupts every aspect of your life and the cause isn’t always clear. Receiving a diagnosis for chronic pain and the proper treatment plan is crucial to healing. Unfortunately, many longtime sufferers seek treatment that comes with nasty side effects. 

Traditional medicine masks symptoms 

Traditional Western medicine seeks to treat your symptoms versus trying to find the root cause of your pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDS) are over-the-counter drugs used to treat pain without a prescription. But if you become dependent on these drugs you may experience terrible side effects such as kidney damage or stomach bleeding. 

Another downfall of traditional Western medicine is the swiftness of turning to painkillers and surgery. These painkillers, or opioids, block nerve signals that signal your brain that you are in pain. Because these drugs are so powerful it’s easy to become addicted to them. Even worse, the effects of these drugs wear off especially after a dependency has been created. Many doctors are quick to recommend surgery before studying you and finding a better solution that doesn’t involve disrupting your life. Thankfully, regenerative medicine offers natural remedies for aches and pains. 

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a groundbreaking segment of medicine that has the power to not only treat your pain, but heal it and even prevent disease in the first place. This branch of natural medicine utilizes your body’s innate ability to heal itself by giving it a boost. Your body is given additional guidance to help promote the repair of tissues and cells. By stimulating your body’s natural repair process, you will be able to return to living a life pain-free, naturally. 

Healing from within

Unlike a traditional doctor’s office that sees you as a number and doesn’t answer your questions, MedLink Health Solutions seeks for answers to heal you from within, while making sure you understand your body along the way. As soon as you’re hurt your body attempts to heal itself, but sometimes this isn’t enough. With regenerative therapy there is little risk of infection or rejection because your body’s own materials are used. Regenerative medicine can be used for various ailments including:

  • Ligament tears 
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Tendon tears 
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Tears and injuries from accidents and falls, and much more


How can regenerative therapy heal pain naturally? 

Regenerative therapy uses several tools to properly diagnose, treat, and heal you. At MedLink Health Solutions, we only use high-quality and FDA-approved products and personalized treatment plans so you can find true pain relief and healing. We customize each treatment plan for every patient according to your goals, health needs, and lifestyle. 

Nature meets science

The powerful combination of scientific advancements with the will of our bodies allows for great relief and results. The genesis of this treatment starts with an unlikely source–ultrasound technology. Instead of using this tool for seeing your little ones before they make their entrance into the world, we use it to diagnose your injury. 

Unlike an x-ray or MRI, ultrasound shows the whole story: we can see you moving your joint in real time so we know exactly what movements are causing you pain. Other diagnostic tools only show a still image, meaning there’s a degree of guesswork involved. But with advanced ultrasound technology we have a great starting point for your path to healing. 

Your body’s resilience combined with the healing power of nature

Your body is tough. It was made intelligently with the ability to survive even harsh conditions. Sometimes though that isn’t enough to completely heal certain injuries, and it needs help. This is where our team thrives with the help of naturopathic medicine and regenerative therapies.

Orthobiologics are specifically formulated to advance the repair and replacement of soft tissues. They contain strong and highly concentrated growth factors and cytokines that are administered at your point of injury. Orthobiologics are great for reducing inflammation and pain and furthering better joint functionality.

PRP is a great and minimally invasive alternative for naturally healing joint pain. During this process a small amount of your blood is extracted, concentrated, and then reintroduced as plasma to the injured area. And because it’s your own blood there is little to no risk for rejection or infection. PRP is great for reducing pain in your muscles, tendons, and more.  

Regenerative therapy benefits 

Regenerative therapy is growing in popularity due to its incredible healing factors. Surgery is expensive, painful, and has a gruesome recovery time. The worst part about surgery is that you can’t undo most procedures. Even worse, oftentimes patients do not feel better. Why not opt for an alternative that not only treats your pain, but heals it?

Regenerative therapy provides several benefits, including: 

  • Faster recovery time
  • Improved joint function 
  • Increased range of motion 
  • Minimally invasive therapy 
  • Long-term pain relief 


MedLink Health Solutions: A natural alternative to replacement surgery

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Our ethos revolves around treating each patient like family. Gone are the days of feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with your medical treatment. Click here to Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see for yourself why our patients look forward to each and every visit.




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